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WBC’s marketing expertise leverages a multi-pronged approach to drive consumer awareness, trial and ultimately, brand loyalty. Recognizing gaps in your product portfolio and identifying untapped marketplace opportunities are critical steps to staying ahead the competition.

  • Positioning Your Brand - WBC evaluates and helps build your brand's identity across all mediums (packaging, media, PR, digital) to ensure your brand is communicating the right messages with maximum impact.

  • Product Portfolio - WBC identifies opportunities to maximize your product offerings to meet consumers’ wants and needs.

  • Pricing - WBC recommends pricing strategies as part of your holistic marketing strategy.

  • Promotion - WBC builds marketing plans and programs (including digital) to effectively and creatively advertise and sell your products to your consumers and stakeholders.

  • Placement - WBC helps you prioritize and target high potential sales channels.

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Brand Respositioning

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